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The page background is the tartan for County Londonderry, Ireland. The pattern was developed for Irish expatriates by the House of Edgar. I have picked it because I am decended* from one George Walker D.D. (1645-1690), Rictor of Donaghmore, County Londonderry, governor of Derry during the siege of 1689, and killed in the Battle of Boyne while acting as the Colonel of the Derry and Inniskillen Regiments.  This branch of Walkers lived in Co. Londonderry, Ireland from about 1570, having come from Ruddington, Nottingham, England. His descendants emigrated in 1720 to Appoquinemink Hundred, Delaware.

* From what genealogical data I've been able to uncover; it gets less certain before the ancestor who fought in the American Revolution.

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